At Johnson’t of St. Mary we are looking for employees who will work as hard as we do.  Our working environment is fast paced and very energetic.  Johnson's is less than a mile from the east entrance from Glacier National Park, and one of only a few  eating establishments in the area.  The work at Johnson's is very demanding, both physically and mentally. Employees must be able to work well under pressure and have a positive attitude toward the public and other Johnson's staff. Johnson's has an outstanding reputation, and we expect our employees to maintain that standard. Johnson’s is also positive, supportive, and a fun place to work.  We are looking for applicants who naturally radiate warmth, friendliness, and a good work ethic. If you are upbeat, enthusiastic, postivie and have a great attitude, this is the opportunity for you! We will be considering all applicants. You must well in a team environment, teamwork is key at Johnson’s of St. Mary. 


Restaurant employment includes the following: 

Positions we are looking for; Line Cook, Prep-cook, and Servers

Ability to communicate in English (verbal and written)

Amazing customer service skills; enjoy serving a varied clientele. 

Must be able to lift 50lbs max.

Simple arithmetic and the ability to read and fallow instructions correctly is required.

Ability to comprehend and successfully operate the restaurant's point-of-sale system. 

Remain calm under pressure, multi-task, and keep a clean work-station.

A great attitude and a willingness to learn. 

Must be proactive and be able to prioritize daily duties, as well as anticipate our guests needs. 

Previous restaurant or cafe experience preferred, but we are always willing to train the right person.

Desire to learn about the menu and share , being able to explain “family style” and our food with ease.



We also hire older couples (although not a requirement) with their own RV who wish to work and stay for the summer in our campground. This position involves mostly working in our campground office (computer skills required), which also has a splendid view of the mountains on the east side of Glacier Park.  

Campground employment includes the following:

 Cashiering, stocking shelves, taking inventory and preparing lists for goods needed, assisting customers with checking out, and keeping store clean.

Assisting customers checking in/out of the campground for day-use and overnight camping

Assisting customers, plus general administrative duties

General maintenance duties: including: campsite cleanup, trash pickup, restroom maintenance/cleaning, various projects as needed, both indoor and outdoor. 

Assisting with special events

Cleaning cabins and rental units.

Host/hostess in our cafe


More Information

Johnson's hire people from many different countries. All employees must have proper documentation for an I-9 form. This includes two (2) forms of identification; one MUST BE your original Social Security card. If you have a passport, it is a good idea to bring it. We are located 18 miles from Canada and you need to have a passport for travel between the USA and Canada. In addition, a passport is all the documentation you need for the I-9 form.

Employees work a variety of shifts, 30-40 hours per week, with one to two days off depending on the schedule. Employees will sometimes work in all areas including but not limited to the following: campground, housekeeping, food service, cook, and/or prep cook. No single employee is guaranteed placement in a certain position. Johnson's furnishes waiters and waitresses with Johnson's T-shirts.  Wait staff MUST have a pair of CLEAN jeans to wear during their shift

 Employees may be paid an hourly bonus at the end of the season. The bonus is paid upon successful completion of the employee's contract AND is directly linked to the employee's job performance. Food servers keep all of their own tips from cash tipped tables, as well all of their credit card tips minus the 4% credit card fee.  If any employee leaves EARLIER than the ending date on their application, they will NOT receive any bonus (not all employees are eligible for a bonus). No exceptions will be made.

There are about 2,000 college students working in and around Glacier Park. Glacier has a variety of activities which you will find enjoyable. Most of the employees enjoy working here and find it a valuable and rewarding experience.

If you require transportation to and from the Airport or Train Station, a refundable fee of $75.00 dollars will be assessed.  If you complete your contract the fee will be refunded upon your departure.

Please look on a map or Google St. Mary, Montana, so you can get a better lay of the land.  We are located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Our nearest shopping mall is about two hours away, nearest McDonald’s 60 miles away.  The town of Browning is about 25 miles away, that is the largest town in the area.  It has a hospital, two grocery stores, a Subway sandwich shop, Holiday Inn Express, museum, casino, three gas stations, post office and other services. 


Johnson's has limited living quarters available to employees at a cost of $10.00 per day for room and board (3 meals).

If employees choose to stay in our campground, a campsite and meals will be $6.00 per day.

Room and board is deducted from the employees check each month.

We have living quarters available for males and females. We do not allow overnight guests nor do we allow opposite sexes to share a room. All employees must furnish their own bedding and towels. Please bring plenty of WARM bedding as the nights do get very cool. There are laundry facilities available at the campground.

The only cell phone service available in St. Mary is Verizon Wireless. If you do not have a cell phone or cannot receive service with your carrier, there are pay phones located in the Cafe and Campground Store.

If employed, we suggest you stock up on personal items and essentials before arriving in this rural area.